A Flat White to go

A Flat White to go

For too long coffee in France has been an afterthought, something that is considered a fixed product with a fixed flavour. Something seen to caffeinate or give a bitter slap at the end of a meal. Universally found and its production standardised. The problem is that it’s poorly made with very low quality coffee beans.

At Honor we want to change the perception of coffee. We know that excellent coffee, that is coffee where every stage of its production from growing to brewing is respected, is a sensory delight. We are the champions of flavoursome and pleasurable coffee.

All our coffee is made with high quality specialty graded coffee beans, that are freshly roasted. Using specialty coffee, besides guaranteeing that the flavour is of a high quality, means that the coffee is sourced directly, paying the farmer a fair price that is reflective of its quality rather than a market set commodity price.

Our house espresso is seasonal and always of a single origin. We create a flavour profile that is easy drinking, sweet, round in the mouth with a gentle acidity that is both perfect as straight espresso or as a base to milk coffee.

Alongside our house espresso, we run a guest coffee on espresso and aeropress that showcases the complex and nuanced flavours that coffee can deliver. Changing often, we source from acclaimed roasters.

For those times where we want the flavour of coffee without the caffeine we have a water processed decaffeinated coffee that is enjoyable black or with milk.

So join us and become a champion of coffee.

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