The Beginnings

After meeting Phil and Marie of  Studio Dessuant Bone in the summer of 2014 we got talking about our project, Honor. It soon became clear that they would be ideal to refine our ideas and execute a design that would change the coffee shop landscape in Paris, producing a unique, creative and enjoyable experience.

The kiosque panels can be easily removed in order to create various configurations adapting to the seasons.

We wanted to create a space that celebrates the coffee making process and hospitality. The coffee shop is divided into three areas; an open coffee making/serving area, a raised communal seating area behind the working area which allows the customer to have a unique perspective of the process and a traditional bar area.

That was Honor as finished built February 2015.

This is Honor today:

Honor was constructed by Parisien carpenters Epi studio and Jona Menuiserie. Bespoke furniture by Toulouse based cabinetmaker Le Nouvel Atelier.